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Privacy Policy

Markhor Attire's Privacy Policy 

Welcome to Markhor Attire the largest internet e-commerce store in Pakistan. Markhor Attire on top need regard and secure the information of its important clients. We comprehend its significance for you and that is the reason ensuring it so you can have a sense of safety with us. You can peruse all the data regarding security measures. We as registering businesses understand all the duties and rights. We assure every kind of safety to your data on priority.

Personal Data

Everyone worries about the protection of personal data. You will get total insights regarding all the personal data required. Why you have to give your information? How Markhor Attire makes sure about your own data?

Markhor Attire is a web-based business needs your correct data. In case you don't give your data accurately, we can't check your shipment. It's critical to give your correct individual data to get your shipment. 

Personal data required by Markhor Attire. 

  • First Name 
  • Last Name 
  • Email Address 
  • Home Address 
  • Credit Card Information 
  • Contact Details 

As a client, we understand your anxiety that is the reason on top need we make each move to make your data secure. No one in our group even has full access to all your data. 

Definitely, we assure that we will just utilize it for an exchanging reason. As we don't unveil your data to any individual or foundation. You need not stress over anything, as it's our top worry to make Markhor Attire alright for you. 

Client Credentials 

A client name and secret phrase appointed to each new client upon join. These clients' data are extremely significant as they can purchase items from your records. We require confirmation each time someone utilizes your information. Close to this, we don't permit no one can gain admittance to your record. Capably, we additionally not reveal your credentials with an individual, foundation or with any outsider. 

Outsider Access 

There are numerous web-based business stores that pre-owned outsiders for conveyance and different purposes. Markhor Attire on top need gives all the administrations without anyone else and not include any outsider. We can give your data to any specialist or vender with your assent. We don't give your data to some other gathering or gathering. 

Legal age 

If you utilize this platform business reason for exchanging, ensure you are legitimately appropriate for exchanging on the web. We carefully just lawful age people for exchanging with us. If you are under the lawful age, ensure you utilize this store or exchange with the assent of your folks or seniors different organizations won't be at risk for any mishappening. We prescribed utilizing Markhor Attire when you are 18 or more and lawfully permitted to exchange for your benefit. 

Location Information

The online business store needs a specific area for shipment. We utilize your area for exchanging just and ensure it will consistently be with your consent. Your security is our first concern. You can permit us your area so we can assist you with your shipments.  

Contact Information 

Your contact data is necessary for shipment purpose, it's significant that you give the right contact data. You can get calls from our conveyance and deals office concerning your shipment and deals. Give the right data and we keep it as our top business mystery. 

Legitimate Rights as Customers 

Your information is your property. You may get each data concerning your business. You can likewise prevent us from utilizing your information, which we utilize just for exchanges. As a client, you can make redresses in the data you gave. Your information will be sheltered and secure all around.